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Before applying please read about the lessons or ensembles you're applying for and read our terms and conditions.

Completing this form means you'd like to apply for lessons or ensemble membership with us. If you just want to find out more or make an enquiry please contact us instead.

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Music lessons at secondary school or at a music centre

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We offer lessons in string, woodwind, brass, keyboard, vocals and percussion.
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If so, please specify what instrument and the standard they have reached - for example grade reached or an example of a piece learnt. If not please write No.
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We offer 10 lessons per term
Are you applying for lessons in school or at a music centre?

What type of lesson are you applying for?

Ensemble membership

Hounslow Music Service runs a structured, progressive programme of bands, orchestras and ensembles for instrumentalists. Players must be having lessons either through Hounslow Music Service or privately, and acceptance to an ensemble will be dependent on a pupil having the necessary skills and level to join, as well as a place being available.

Which instrument does your child wish to play in an HMS ensemble?
Current standard (please state grade if any exams have been taken)
Length of time learning?
Please tick which ensemble(s) your child would like to apply for.
Details about each ensemble including rehearsal times and required standards for each ensemble can be found here (opens in new window or tab).


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