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Key Stage 2 Wider Opportunities Programme

In 2008 the Government funded Music Services to deliver the pledge that '...over time, all pupils in primary schools who wish to, will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument...'   Hounslow Music Service worked closely with Primary headteachers to develop a Hounslow model of Wider Opportunities, which has become so successful that it is now available in all but three schools across the borough. It was therefore a great relief that when the National Plan for Music Education was published in November 2012, it highlighted the Wider Opportunities programme as a key element of what we should be delivering for children. The key features of our Hounslow programme are:

More information about the Wider Opportunities Programme.

Small Group & Individual Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Information for schools

Music plays an important part in all our lives and instrumental/vocal lessons can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of school life, with opportunities for pupils to explore and perform music from different times and places, and to create new music of their own!  In addition lessons develop improved concentration and social and teamworking skills which benefit other areas of the curriculum.  Hounslow Music Service, through its team of expert instrumental and vocal teachers, is delighted to be able to offer many musical opportunities for young people in Hounslow Primary Schools. Schools organise instrumental lessons at Primary School, however we hope that you will find the following advice helpful. Lessons should usually take place in school, during the school day and last for 30 minutes.  Instrumental / vocal teachers will arrange the lesson times in consultation with the school.  Where there is less than an hour's teaching in a school, or the teaching falls to less than an hour, lessons may not be possible, or may need to be rearranged at another venue as it is not efficient for teachers to visit for less than an hour The added enjoyment of learning with others, with opportunities for playing together, makes group tuition a more effective option for the early stages of learning, and so we recommend pupils learn in groups of 3-5 in the early stages.   As pupils progress, the group sizes may reduce, and individual lessons are most suitable for advanced levels. Please refer to Hounslow Music Service's Service Level Agreement for terms and conditions.

Information for parents

What are the benefits from learning a musical instrument? By playing a musical instrument pupils develop:

Which instrument should my child learn? Wherever possible a child should be encouraged to make his/her own choice although parents will want to take into consideration other aspects including the cost.  Hounslow Music Service organises instrumental teaching schools across the borough: teaching is offered on all orchestral instruments, recorder, guitar, keyboard and dhol.  Parents should approach the Headteacher if they would like their child to have lessons. Should I purchase or hire an instrument? Always take the advice of a teacher before purchasing or hiring an instrument. With more expensive instruments it is often sensible to hire for a few months before deciding to buy. What can parents do to help?

What should I do if my child appears to be losing interest?

Can success be guaranteed? No, but the three components which will help your child to achieve success are:

What are the Dos and Don'ts? Do:


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