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Paired & individual lessons at school

Music plays an important part in all our lives and instrumental / vocal lessons can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of school life, with opportunities for pupils to explore and perform music from different times and places, and to create new music of their own!  In addition, lessons develop improved concentration and social and team working skills which benefit other areas of the curriculum.  Hounslow Music Service, through its team of expert instrumental and vocal teachers, is delighted to be able to offer many musical opportunities for young people in Hounslow Secondary Schools.

Lessons at Gunnersbury, Chiswick, Isleworth & Syon, The Green School for Boys, Nishkam West London, Heston and Lampton are organised by the school, so parents should speak to the Head of Music about arranging lessons.   Lessons take place with teachers from Hounslow Music Service.

Lessons at The Green School for Girls, Gumley, Bolder Academy and St Marks are organised directly through Hounslow Music Service.   To apply for lessons at these schools please click the 'enrol+pay' button on the top right hand corner of any of our website pages. This will take you through registration with Schooble, the system that we use for our waiting list and billing, and we will be in touch when a lesson is available.

Lessons usually take place at school, during the school day and last for either 20 or 30 minutes.  Instrumental / vocal teachers will arrange the lesson times in consultation with the school.  Where there is less than an hour’s teaching in a school, or the teaching falls to less than an hour, lessons may not be possible, or may need to be rearranged at another venue as it is not efficient for teachers to visit for less than an hour

The added enjoyment of learning with others, with opportunities for playing together, makes group tuition a more effective option for the early stages of learning, and so we recommend pupils learn in pairs in the early stages.   As pupils progress, the group sizes may reduce, and individual lessons are most suitable for advanced levels.

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Leading school ensembles

Hounslow Music Service can provide support for schools to run ensembles and bands, on either a project or a weekly basis.   Schools should contact the music service for further information.

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